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Laura Karvelyte-Yoga Balance

Samedi 23 Mars 2019, 14:00 - 19:00

We are very excited to invite you to this unique and intense body and soul healing workshop.
Yoga - Rebirthing therapy - Cacao ceremony.

Rebirthing - conscious deep breathing

Rebirthing is an extremely powerful guide in physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. It is a circular breathing which helps to cure our bodies by bringing out to the surface the memories we store in our temple.
?When emotions are suppressed, they are being stored in various parts of our bodies, which leads us to illnesses - a natural way for body detoxification. Rebirthing - a natural tool to heal ourselves. Through this technique we will release, forgive, love an heal.
?Patricija, conscious deep breathing facilitator, will begin the session with an induction: what to expect during the practice, group discussion and setting an intention. After the session everyone will be welcome to share their experience in a safe and loving environment.

?Heart opening Cacao meditation
The Cacao plant - natural plant medicine, magical heart doctor. It helps us to heal old wounds, release false beliefs and grief, a true heart opener.
?Cacao goes into a very soft and subtle connection with the human being.
During this meditation there is no time to be in our minds as the concentration is held upon a heartbeat and self-healing. The absolute trust with no expectations has to be present during this journey, because Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude for ourselves are the main self-healing factors.
?Cacao plant will help us to leave the past with ease, the final step for reaching out to a source of an Unconditional Love. We will sing, dance, meditate and heal with this saint Cacao power.


Facilitators Laura and Patricija

Laura- certified Vinyasa, Yin & Yang Yoga instructor, teaches yoga in various retreats. With the use of crystals, helps to get even deeper into relaxation and self healing during Savasana. Plays with Tibetan singing bowls, through vibration of sound, takes relaxation to even deeper level, helping to regenerate the body and recharge the mind.


Patricija - the founder and owner of a spiritual studio 'Atvira' (trans. 'Open) based in Kaunas, Lithuania. She is a certified coach of Mindful Breathing, Theta healing and meditation. Light network and shamanic meditations, emotional release sessions, plant medicine workshops are her main practises while currently she has found herself in spiritual painting as well.


Contact: Laura- laura.keydreams@gmail.com +352621575999
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Web : www.yogabalance.lu


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