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Beyond the shadows into peace with Jamie Catto

Jamie Catto

Max Mehlinger

Sunday 20 October 2019, 10:00 - 18:00

This path of awareness and making conscious choices is like trying to ride a rodeo horse covered in vaseline. You're going to be on your ass on the ground 1000 times a day. You'd better start finding it funny. And please never beat yourself up when you fail or react like a twat again (and again) - that's self-violence, and this includes saying "I'm so disappointed in myself, I really thought I was past this stuff..." Now you're being passive aggressive with yourself! Stop it!

You're never past this stuff. Enlightenment is not reaching a finish line of equanimity, it's loving yourself exactly where you are NOW. As wounded and freaky and uniquely twisted as you are. Nothing can evolve until you do." - Jamie Catto


On this workshop,with simple games and tools, we harness this peace within ourselves, so that we can reflect it out into the world, it is sometimes necessary to navigate through the murky shadows of tangled fear, and steer a course into the sunshine of calm. We already have the ability to do this but the simple skills have been lying dormant within us.

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Centre culturel Edward Steichen
rue de Bettembourg 2 Luxembourg-3320 Bivange

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