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Duality - Yoga course, for Energy Healing


Début Lundi 05 Novembre 2018 -  19:00
Fin Mardi 05 Novembre 2019 - 21:00

This is a very special Yoga course, for Energy healing, combined with life and health coaching and a high group energy of deeply connected small community. Each of these units will be like a pranic healing session. 
This is a one year course.

You don't need to be super flexible to join. You don't even need to have prior Yoga experience. You just have to be open minded and allowing. However he physical Yoga part will be quite intense even interesting for intermediates since also if one practices for some time already, still different aspects of the body often remain unknown or even untouched. We're building slowly up to being able to fluidly move through a Vinyasa Yoga flow while we're deeply connected with our breath, in medium speed. 
Usually these classes won't cause muscle aches if students just follow my guidance and let go of over-tension in muscles and muscle groups I'm going to point their awareness to ever.and ever again.

This course combines what I experienced and practice myself and learned from trusted Yogic sources and is not about teaching stuff and students have to believe it but more so it is about to bring what I teach into the direct experience of each student.

From time to time I will invite guest teachers who are special in a specific area and we are attending together Bhakti Yoga events like concerts and the Kula Yoga Festival or anything which will help us opening up and getting a different point of view. Once or twice we probably go on a retreat.

We are not taking the course, the teacher or ourselves too seriously and move through with joy and ease as you will move through your life after finishing the course.

We are using the vessels of Yoga and your beautiful body to ship through the following live changing themes. We're really going to dive deep.

This 3 major steps are building the foundation to successfully go through the course.

- Building deep body awareness, where healing happens first, and we build the foundation for working through all the other course themes

- Learning on how to actively letting go of physical and mental stagnation and blockages

- Opening up and deeply conneting to your fellow students

- Learning how to come out of a stressful situations in emergency

- Learning how to deeply relax anytime needed

As you progress through these parts new life dimensions will open up for you.

- Developing strong focus and one-pointed concentration

- Becoming aware of your energies (pranic energies)

- Learning how to ground yourself and others

- Becoming more and more aware of your energy body

- Becoming aware of the energies of others and how they influence us and how ours influence them

- Getting basic control over your lower chakras and energies

- Guided practicing of balancing of the lower chakras of others

- Learning a basic pranic self-healing process

Becoming aware and letting go of our major limiting patterns is crucial for accessing higher spiritual realms or even for having and holding on to a fulfilling life. For these parts we'll also use highly effective Transformative Hypnosis and NLP techniques and maybe EFT, in order to gain access to the sub-conscious mind

- Understanding and getting rid of this "I'm not enough" feeling, almost everybody processes, coming from deep down of our subconscious mind, which is the basis of many blockages and stagnations we process

- Accepting things as they are without judgement

- Accepting yourself as you are, What's needed to truly accept and love yourself in all aspects?

- Becoming aware of your major limiting thinking patterns

This will be a beautiful and amazing part of the course. We are going to touch each other, one by one, in beautiful ways. We are going to use the vessels of Thai Yoga Massage and Access Bars™ for truly giving from our heart and soul.

- Practicing unconditional love using our heart, soul connection and focus

- Building trust, Opening up for trusting

- Becoming open to and surrender to sensual touch received form others

- Practicing unconditional love under guidance, giving Access Bars™ healing modality

- Practicing unconditional love under guidance, while giving basic Passive Yoga massage, This will be a heatwarming and joyful experience.

Here we're going to learn about the Universal laws and in depth the ones affecting our live the most

- What are the universal laws and how they affect each other and us?

- Understanding your life situations related to the all time effective universal laws.

- Sinking into the Law of Attraction, Get a deep understanding on who is responsible for your life situations and surroundings

- What is manifestation? Why and how do I manifest all the time?

- How to stop undesired manifestation?

- How to manifest consciously what you really want?

- Basic manifestation techniques explained, and partly practised

- We are going study and to practice an advanced very effective manifestation technique frequently during the Yoga sessions using our strongest energy center, visualization abilities and focus. Mastering this technique has the ability to break you free in all aspects of your life. So called Reality Transsurfing based on a book written by a Russian quantum physicist is my favourite.

You want to master the co-creation of your life? Then there is no way around that. It comes with practice. There is no magic about that. It's actually quite simple :D

- Learning and practicing how to observe your thoughts and emotions,

- Learning and practicing how to become aware of negative thinking and how to switch to positive thinking with a finger snip

- Learning and implementing practical ways on how to stay fully aware all day long and in every life situation even if stressful, as long as awake

You really want to access higher realms of being and beautifully sync all aspects of what makes you a wonderful human life? This course is not about being super human. This is about experiencing that being human is super. Here we go.

- Developing a nonjudgmental peaceful mind

- Finding your life purpose

- Finding your soul purpose

- Learning how to connect to and trust your inner guidance, your intuition

- Developing your intuition as to be your safe life's GPS

- Getting attuned and learning to bear being in a high energy state. We really have to get use to that.

- Seeing the bigger picture from a higher state of being

- Deeply connecting with higher realms like your spirit guides and angels

- Connecting with and following the guidance of your higher self

- Opening up for and trusting the guidance from higher realms

- Seeing the beauty and abundance of life in each life situation

- Surrendering to life

These course units are supposed to take place in the evening from 19h00. Classes are 90 to 120 minutes, twice a week. This course beautiful journey takes one year and will completely change your life. It comes with daily homework which you will enjoy very soon, it will become natural to you. 

I take in a maximum of 12 students while meeting each applicant upfront for a 60 to 90 minutes session.
The intention is to build up a very deeply connected community of like minded people, to build up a high group energy where one raises the other and no one left behind.

I consider to ask Euro 1.497,- quarterly or Euro 5.789,- for the full course over one year if a sufficiant number of open people joins us, not including fees for external events and retreats.

It will be possible to join these classes additionally through video conferencing when you're not in town. All sessions will be recorded and remain accessible during life time. There will be a bi-weekly (or weekly if desired) Q&A session via video conferencing and also email support will be provided. 

The course is supposed to start in January 2019 or as soon as a sufficient number of students joined.

Personal questions and issues of students as mentioned ealier will be addressed in additional group coaching's weekly or bi-weekly or as required. Usually after the classed finished I will stay for some time for your questions critics and ideas.

So as soon as you know you would love to be part of this beautiful joyful journey please get in touch with me and we make an appointment getting to know each other on a deep energetic level.

Private coaching sessions with me the course members can booked with priority. 

Dynamic Passive Yoga sessions can be booked at 25% member discount, depending on availability.

For any part of the course, if you feel a calling for, you can dig deeper in a private coaching with me where we cover the specific area of interest in deep detail or alternatively I point your attention to a fellow coach or teacher or his online course who is trustworthy and skilled in that aerea of interest.

Contact: 621 349 791
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