Introduction to Feldenkrais

Introduction to Feldenkrais

Introduction to Feldenkrais

Thive Studio, Iryna Sagaidak
15:00 – 17:00
  • atelier / stage

Join us for an afternoon of mindful movement practice and get a taste of how much better you can feel in your body, starting right where you are.

Feldenkrais is a method of somatic education and it is all about experiencing. ​A methodology that helps you to tune into sensing yourself and listening to what your body needs.

It is known to be great for:​

  • releasing muscular tension and reducing chronic pain
  • improving your posture and movement habits
  • calming your nervous system, developing inner peace and a feeling of calm alertness
  • lowering your feelings of stress and anxiety, preventing burnout
  • improving quality of sleep

What shall I bring?

  • warm comfortable clothes and warm socks
  • open mind 😉

Suitable for everyone, no matter the level of your fitness, age or physical limitations, open to both men and women.

Make yourself a gift of this time to slow down, let go, and recharge. 🌿

A gift of feeling better in your body and your mind, starting right where you are. 🧡

Limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Price – 50 EUR.

Registration and details

Organisateur et/ou animateur: Thive Studio, Iryna Sagaidak
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